Showboat Casino-Hotel
Atlantic City, NJ 08404

The recently completed job by Advanced Polymers at Showboat Casino Hotel has produced excellent results. When commissioned, Advanced Polymer was faced with the task of sealing two floors of exterior decks where significant spalling and cracking had occurred over a 15-year period. The concrete decks face the ocean and are subject to harsh environmental conditions.

All prep work was done in a methodical fashion prior to applying the finish coat of Thortex Walltech UV. Even large areas of spalling that penetrated the surface over 2 inches deep were no obstacle for Advanced Polymers. The finished product was tinted perfectly to match the building, and non-skid was added for safety. When complete, the project turned out great, transforming an old, non-used ocean balcony to a beautiful deck for a future outdoor café.

Thank you, Advanced Polymers.

Lou DeFeo, Director of Facilities
Showboat Casino Hotel, Atlantic City, N.J.


Atlantic County
Department of Public Safety

It is rare to find a contractor who does everything by the book which is why I'm writing this recommendation letter to you.

Since our first meeting, you and your installers have conducted yourselves professionally and have left us with a job which exceeded our expectations.

Our kitchen floor was a mess, and we were tired of patching the same areas over and over. The repairs you performed came out better than we had hoped, and your installation crew always arrived on time and carried themselves with great professionalism throughout the job.

The fact that you did not charge us any extra when we asked you to do some additional work did not go unnoticed, and we expect that this will be the first of many successful projects you will be doing for us.

Thank you for a nice job.

Lt. Sean Thomas
Atlantic County Department of Public Safety


Before I retired from SPI after 30 years with them, I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for the great service and products you have supplied to us over the years.

When you've been around as long as I have, you tend to see it all. And most of the contractors I've had dealings with were on a short-term basis because they either didn't make the grade or because their products were not up to snuff.

Jim, over the years, you have gotten us out of so many jams that I've lost count. From the tank farm that would normally have taken a month to complete  — which you did for is in two weeks (working virtually 24 hours a day for the entire time) — to the Manitol room floor and walls.

You have always been upfront with me, and I have learned that I could depend on you for a straight and honest answer — even if it sometimes wasn't what I wanted to hear. Your honesty and integrity have always been appreciated.

You and your crew have always conducted yourselves professionally and have always come through for us.

Thank you for all the great work.

Wally Waugh
Maintenance Supervisor, SPI


Jim ,
I would like to thank you ,Dave and your crew for working so Diligently on getting our units sealed. If I can Help or assist you in anyway please contact me.

Shift Supervisor – Thomas Jefferson University Hospital
APR Client Since 2007


Good Morning Jim,
Thanks, likewise, your company gave us a great resource for resolving long-standing problems and you have great personal integrity that is immediately felt . It is my pleasure, too.

Plant Operations Manager – Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center
APR Client Since 2010


Thanks again for the great job and feel free to stop by.

Assistant Operations Manager – Pedriktown Cogeneration Company
APR Client since 2005


I am glad I had the time to meet with you and Jim. I believe your company will be very useful to Crowne Plaza.

Thx, Director of Operations - Crowne Plaza Hotel, Times Square


As always thanks for your help.

Director, Facilities Services – Thomas Jefferson University Hospital
APR Client Since 2007

Hello Nick, I trust the work was completed to your satisfaction and that you are happy.

That we are! Thanks Jim.

Property Manager 14 Wall Street, CBRE


I’m very happy and I know it will work.

This will solve our problem and the turn around couldn’t have worked out better.

Director of Engineering – Mondrain Hotel